Alternative healing in practice – New development based on Nicola Tesla brings new hope

Alternative Healing in Practice – New development based on 100 years of Nicola Tesla’s research

Finally, the time has come. Alternative healing is on the rise. Nicola Tesla gave the go-ahead. For almost a century, it took to develop a revolutionary method to

• cure diseases successfully, even if previously considered incurable (for example, because their causative pathogens have proven drug-resistant);

• Ideally, cancer patients with cancer therapy should be able to become viable and even recover;

• reverse aging processes, etc.

And all this without any use of chemistry or painful surgical measures.

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What borders here on a “miracle”, however, is not based on charlatanism but on the diligence and intelligence of serious scientists such as Nikolas Tesla and Max Planck, who have since 1930 because of their intensive research on the “certain something” encountered, which is the impossible finally seems to make it possible. At what cost? Pharmaceutical companies may well head! But, a new method, which I will mention at the end of this article, has already been used successfully by well-known physicians.

Hope, Doubt, and Sanity? Nicola Tesla was not to be misled.

The skepticism is still great. Internet forums and magazines are full of both positive affirmations and negative allegations against alternative healing. Some have convinced themselves while others throw wooden tips and express their resentment with exclamations such as: “charlatanry,” “mumbo-jumbo,” “money-making,” etc. …

Of course, the Internet teems with money sharks and miracle predators. Healthy skepticism is never out of place. Also, there is the fear and uncertainty that is greatest when need and despair threatens. If you have to deal with a ropy illness, which can lead to death, one wants to act particularly reasonably. Although until then there has been little emphasis on a sensible lifestyle. Because, when you felt healthy, you had nothing to fear. Moreover, one never quite knew where the good health came from, and what advice to follow to keep it.

However, in the case of illness, one is scared! You are literally looking for the tried and true and rely on the usual, which is what most people expect: Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, transplantation, lifelong drug intake, etc.

Despite the fact that for example, the vast majority of cancer patients do not succumb to the disease itself, but to the toxic therapy, most who ultimately embrace it still trust in their luck. The doctors who advised them can no longer be held responsible in case of misfortune because they acted with the right to their side until the last hour.

“A deadly disease is and remains a deadly disease!” That’s the motto. “This patient was aware of the imminent death!” Of course, he was! He had no alternative, so he signed the wrong dilemma. At least he was offered no less harmful method.
At the beginning of or during the therapy, which seriously ill person is not deprived of the hope of returning to a normal life?

And which patient does not secretly still hope for a miracle?

What is it that destroys this last hope from him and forbids him a possible miracle?

And what if everything is different? Did Nicola Tesla feel the truth about alternative healing?

What, if there are alternatives?
Wasn’t the earth once considered to be a disk?
Are patients manipulated to consent to conventional methods? And, do they only trust them because of their lack of knowledge?

Illness weakens! Self-responsibility weighs heavily! Is alternative healing guaranteed?

Reasonable own decisions cannot be made well in the state of weakness. Where are the proven self-healing powers? Are they talked away, as if the same person did not profit from them all the time?

Can one today only absorb that knowledge offered to him at school? Or may he also take responsibility for himself and believe in things that seem to him to be good, even if the general public thinks otherwise?

There is a difference between memorized science and creative scientific activity, which is attended by intense research and established in revolutionary results, as shown by the reports of those who have taken such an extraordinary step at their own risk. These patients acted without any subsidy from health insurance; trusting their own feeling and their belief that the power which created their body will be able to heal it as well.

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Are there effective alternative healing methods?

The time has come to no longer dismiss it: There are alternative healing methods that work without the use of chemicals and scalpels. They base upon scientific cognition and experience. Some physicians have applied them successfully to reduce inflammations, combat resistant pathogens, and more.

One of these new healing methods is Scalar Energy Healing, which bases on the research of

Nikola Tesla and his experiments at the beginning of the 20th century,

Max Planck’s discovery of the quantum of action that lays the foundation for quantum physics, and

Einstein‘s confirmation and continuation of these findings.

Would you like to learn more about this new method which works with the natural energy of the sun and the universe, and which already is successful in fighting inflammation and pathogens (fungi, viruses, bacteria, and environmental toxins) in the human and animal body? So please subscribe to our free newsletter.

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