Cellular Inflammation due to Obesity & vice versa

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About cellular inflammation and what diseases it supposedly provokes!

The vicious circle is, that obesity sooner or later results in chronical cellular inflammation, which causes weight gain increasing again, and this is responsible for many diseases and results in a shorter lifespan.
By taking control of cellular inflammation, you can live a healthier and longer life. That's the result of many clinical studies.


If you had trouble with lose weight in the past and you couldn't resolve this until now, you are probably suffering from a chronic cellular inflammation, that you're even may not be aware.

In order to explain the danger of chronic cellular inflammation let me cite part of a scientific article written by Christine Gorman, Alice Park and Kristina Dell (www.inflammationresearchfounding.org):

"Suddenly, inflammation has become one of the hottest areas of medical research.
Hardly a week goes by without the publication of yet another study uncovering a new way that chronic inflammation does harm to the body.
It destabilizes cholesterol deposits in the coronary arteries, leading to heart attacks and potentially even strokes.
It chews up nerve cells in the brains of Alzheimer’s victims. It may even foster the proliferation of abnormal cells and facilitate their transformation into cancer.
In other words, chronic inflammation may be the engine that drives many of the most feared illnesses of middle and old age."

It is known for a long time that fat cells behave a lot like immune cells, spewing out inflammatory cytokines, particularly as you gain weight.

Inflammations may possibly be fought by anti-inflammatory drugs. But latter do not help in losing weight. In contrast, losing weight helps very well fighting cellular inflammatory.

But if you are suffering from chronical cellular inflammation, losing weight is rather a though job


Due to mainstream medicine the key to lose weight is still "eating less and exercising more"

But deep down inside, every physician should know, that this is not always the best solution. It probably might be the last chance if the worst comes to the worst.
Surely you will lose weight, if you stop eating! All people without the possibility to eat are thin, but most of them are also weak.
If you do this, you will lose not only weight. You will probably lose vitamins, minerals, energy. And if you are riding that train too long, there might be no return and you risk to end-up in pathological leanness. Once there, you even may lose your hair instead of only losing fat.

Acceptable Weightloss-Programs Should Focus on Health, Beauty and a longer Lifespan

... and you should see the first results the very next day. If not, you will hardly feel up to hang on.

Therefore, each successful diet must consist of components which help to take instant control of cellular inflammation, ideally right from the start!

There is no need to believe the story, that it is unhealthy to lose more than one pound in one week. Respecting the danger of cellular inflammations and resulting diseases (heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, etc.) weightloss can't go fast enough. Presupposed you are doing it the right way, without losing essential minerals and vitamins.

Doing it the right way means following a diet that focuses on providing you with only the essential nutrients that your body needs for good health and proper functioning, while eliminating all those nutrients that slow and even stop you from burning fat. 

What damages are caused by the wrong diet (as for example by abstinence) and what a healthy diet exactly should look like is very well described in this free ebook. If you want to dive deeper into the danger of cellular inflammation, fasting diets and the benefits from a healthy diet which rapidly succeed, don't hesitate to access it, as long as it's free!



Your successful healthy 3 week diet fights against chronic cellular inflammation by giving your body what it needs, and prevents from damages which are causing aging.

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