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Recovering from Alcohol Abuse

Addicted to Alcohol

Drinking a beer or a glass of wine with friends once or twice a week mostly is considered as "normal". It may help you to be gay, lift spirits and just have fun. Even the day after, people are joking when you kicked over the traces.

The problem starts, when you are trying to recover this feeling of happiness day per day and then you realize, that this well-being does not happen without having a drink. Now at least you should start considering: 


  • ... are you finding yourself in need of drinking alcohol on a consistent basis?
  • ... are you going to extreme lengths to get your hands on drugs or alcohol?
  • ... do you tend to become irritated when you cannot get access to drugs or alcohol?
  • ... do you even experience physical or mental pain when you are not using drugs or alcohol?

Are other aspects of your life such as school, work or relationships becoming negatively affected by your alcohol abuse? Or do they even cause it?

Wouldn't you feel more fine without being ashamed of your desires for the feelings that arise when you use drugs or alcohol?


How to find out of this Viscous Circle?

Are you enlightened of all the damages this deadly drug causes to your body?

(Watch the considered video below.)

Did you know, that all the happiness and even more is actually possible for you without any tear of alcohol?

If you are realizing by answering the questions above, that you have a problem with alcohol abuse you should first contact a doctor or counseling agency for help immediately.

As you could see in the video above, aside from medical help, there are also some other steps that you should take to ensure that you experience a healthy recovery. Do not forget that alcohol abuse is a grave disease that will kill you if not cured.

The reason for beeing ashamed lies in the prejudice that a person addicted to alcohol  simply made poor decisions, was irresponsible, weak or didn’t have good values.

But people suffering from addiction may or may not showcase these characteristics. They are suffering!

Today, addiction to alcohol or any drugs is determined as a disease that has taken over the body. 



There are lots of different kinds of treatment to choose.

A withdrawal treatment involves medications and the abidance in an institution for several weeks. This may be your first choice, if you urgently needs the distance from your daily grind and temptation and if you are well responding to this kind of treatment. However, if you tried out this and failed once or even several times, you were probably not amenable for this treatment, (like Gail in the video above, she wasn't).

In this case, you still have the choose between holistic and natural alternatives. 

Concerning natural alternatives, your mind will be the best place to focus on in order to conquer your addiction.

This is exactly, what Gail was doing: After she failed in conventional clinical therapy, she decided to attent hypnosis sessions, and this worked instantly. She is no longer drinking alcohol since then.

Why did Hypnosis work for Gail?

The answer is quite clear, as she declaired in her own words. The clinical therapy could successfully detoxify her body from the poison and stem her need to drink alcohol. But the virtual reason for drinking was still there, couching in the background, waiting for a moment to appear and make her falling again. After leaving the hospital she could stay clean only for a couple of weeks, just as long until the triggering problem reappeared.

Why could this problem not be solved due to the hospitalisation?

In most cases when problems are severe enough, they are deeply fixed in the subconscious mind. There they are even not visible for the sufferer itself and untouchable by conventional interventions.

In Gail's case her triggering problems only could get digged out by hypnosis. During her hypnosis sessions she became aware what kind of problem she had to handle with, and finally she could resolve it. Now she is free from alcohol which was the scourge of her life during decades.


How to Reach a Good Hypnotherapist

Phone books and internet are stuffed with offers from Hypnotherapists. They are not so rare. You only should check their experiences, clients and prices. You may choose to attent one-to-one sessions and visit the therapists office, or you even may attent a homebased hypnosis-program downloaded from the website of a reputated Hypnotherapist like Dr. Steve G. Jones, which allows you to take your sessions sitting or lying in your own armchair or couch at home. You may be surprised, how effectively it may work for you. 

Maybe you prefer to attend s.o. who has experienced quitting alcoholism and is sober since 11 years now? Take a look at the sessions of Mark Smith. He is successfully helping people online and offline since many years.

What step you ever are taking to recover your health can only bring you further.

We wish you all the Best!