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Hypnosis Weight Loss

Many overweight people are wondering why they can not lose weight.
Despite all good intentions, such as eat less and exercise more sports, the first effect lasts only a few weeks.
After that, all efforts are ineffective or bring just the opposite: the famous yo-yo effect.

What are these people doing wrong? Are they really doing something wrong?
Or is the reason for their relapses based anywhere else than suspected?

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The real questions should be:
Why am I overweight?
Why do I ever eat so much?
Why do I need so much chocolate or other sweets?
Why can’t I meet my exercise program consistently?
Why am I missing so much energy?

Many psychologists see an existing emotional problem behind the obesity. In their opinion, food replaces the lack of a particular emotion.
Eating should, therefore, be a substitute for something which the concerned person is missing in its life.
On the other hand, it is estimated that mental health problems can be caused by obesity. A vicious circle?
Both assumptions are not yet scientifically proven.

However, it is statistically proven that the number of obese people who suffer from depression, lack concentration, and insomnia, increases steadily.

Why can Hypnosis Weight Loss help?

The role of the brain when eating

According to a study, the brains of obese individuals differ from the brain of normal-weight people.
In some regions, the density of the gray mass is lower. There are also significant differences in the plastic appearance.
The taste-center, for example, areas that are responsible for the behavior, and also the reward center of obese people’s brain appear differently in its structures.

Especially the reward center plays a prominent role in overweight.

Overweight Individuals are addicted to the happiness hormone dopamine

It has been found that the consumption of sugary sweets causes a change of dopamine release and endogenous
Opioids. Sugar changes the receptors of neurotransmitters and may cause an addiction.
This effect has been demonstrated in animal experiments:
Rats who have been pampered with sugar showed after a few weeks addiction to sugar and renounced healthy, normal diet.
After removal of the sugar, these rats showed similar withdrawal symptoms such as after a drug addiction.

Obese people feel less pleasure and less enjoyment.

Research shows that in overweight people the areas of the brain that are responsible for pleasure and taste, are not as pronounced (are not as strong formed) as in people with normal weight. Therefore, overweight persons need a much larger amount of a savory dish to feel the same joy as persons with normal weight.

Compared to people with normal weight the number of dopamine receptors in the brain of an obese person is significantly lower.
The higher the body mass index, the lower the number of dopamine receptors.

The renunciation of sugar, caffeine, grease and nicotine can increase the dopamine receptors, as well as the regular sport. The less you eat, the more dopamine receptors form in your brain, and the happier you become.

But therein lies the big problem. If you get caught in this vicious cycle of fat and sugar addiction, you do not find out so quickly, even if your will is strong enough. At the mere sight of a delicious meal, the reward center of an overweight person is overstimulated, and the control center blocked.

Just as with any other addiction, the behavior escapes of one’s own cognitive control.

Hypnosis Weight Loss is an effective intervention in this process.

To break this vicious cycle, a change must take place in the brain.
Hypnosis is actually able to initiate such a change and to fix it sustainable. While a desirable behavior is trained through hypnosis, (by suggestions) the brain develops in hypnotic trance certain neural connections in large numbers. These new neural connections (synapses) bring about a very rapid change in behavior.

Numerous experimental results have proven that this method really works for most people.
The actual cause, the emotional problem that has led to food addiction, can also be eliminated in a hypnosis weight loss session.

“But what should I eat during my hypnosis therapy?” This is the most asked question.

Using the effect of hypnosis in combination with a diet which either is prescripted by your physician or clinical approved that eliminates chronical cellular inflammation, you cannot fail in losing weight.


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