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Newsletter 2) Weight Loss and Diabetes


Read This Before You Go On A Detox Cleansing Program

Today we’re here to talk about one thing that I see so many people doing as they go about their journey to  improve their health and fitness.danleb

Whether you are looking to erase insomnia, reverse diabetes, prevent cancer, or stop some other health woe from occurring in your life, you might get the idea that doing a ‘cleanse’ or a ‘detox’ plan is a good approach. And in some cases, it’s true.

However there are some detox companies that take the wrong approach…

These are often marketed to people stating that before you start on another diet plan, you need to rid your body of all the built-up toxins that are currently in place. You need to deepclean your system, kick-starting your metabolic rate in the process.

While this sounds good in theory, 99% of the time, these cleanses do more harm than good.

Let me explain.

Take a good look at your average cleanse.

Generally, you’ll be put on some sort of ‘juice’ detox. Whether it’s made from real fruits and vegetables or it’s some sort of powder that you purchase, you are to drink this cleansing juice one or more times per day.

Along with this, your cleanse may or may not have you eating a few small snacks throughout the day. Usually these consist of random foods like a grapefruit in the morning along with a greens salad at lunch and dinner.

Some detox’s or cleanses don’t even go that far and instead, you are just given supplements to take while you fast the rest of the day.

They claim that the fasting is what helps your body detox.

So what’s the problem?

….Where do we start.

First, usually on these detox or cleanse approaches, you are taking in sub-1000 calories a day. Many come in at or below 500 calories each day.

Your body needs more than that to function optimally.

Taking in so few calories like this does three harmful things.

  1. It causes your metabolic rate to crash.

When your body suddenly goes from a nice 1500-2000 calorie per day intake down to a 500 or less intake, it doesn’t go unnoticed

Your body will begin to adapt to this by slowing down its resting metabolic rate. This sets you up for long-term fat gain.

Great, right?

  1. It causes malnutrition to occur.

Do you really think you can take in all the necessary vitamins and mineral son such little food? Even if you are taking some super-charged vitamin supplement, you’re still going to be lacking the dietary fiber that your body needs to stay health.

Sure, your ‘detox’ may provide you with some sort of fiber supplement or laxative to get you to have a bowel movement, but this is not the same as real fiber.

  1. It causes your energy level to plummet.

Stick with that cleanse for 5-9 days (which is how long they usually last) and it’ll be a miracle if you make it through while keeping up with your day to day activities.

Your energy level is going to decline dramatically because you aren’t eating any energy.

It’s that simple.

Don’t try and workout. Don’t try and run errands. Heck, see if you can even get out of bed.

That is how most people will feel as they try and finish up these detox plans.

So that’s the first issue here.

Next, you have the total and utter lack of protein. Most detox approaches have you shunning the very nutrient you need to stay alive and preserve lean muscle mass. Without protein, you may lose weight but it won’t be fat weight. If you lose lean muscle while doing your cleanse, that will only slow your metabolism down permanently.

Not to mention, it’ll decrease your physical appearance. Lack of muscle mass means lack of muscle tone. It’s not sexy – or healthy.

Finally, the last issue with these approaches is that they aren’t setting you up for realistic long-term results. They promise false results. ‘Lose 10 pounds in one week!’

Sure, you might do that, but that weight is simply a combination of water weight, muscle mass, and a lot of muscle glycogen.

It is not true weight loss. At least not the good kind you really want here.

So my advice?

Get the right detox plan that’s going to skip past all of these weaknesses.

This detox plan covers everything you need to have a clean, effective detox that will clear up your liver, get the fat out of your body and free your body of toxins and inflammation that’s causing diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Give it a shot right here.

watch this Red Smoothies Detox
Red Smoothies Detox

Also, don’t forget the fundamentals: focus on a nutrition plan with a good amount of lean protein, as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can handle, and an adequate amount of healthy fats (including fish oil).

Do that and you’ll naturally detox, get to healthy blood sugar levels while burning body fat.


-David Andrews

Creator of Diabetes Destroyer

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