Scalar Energy Healing

What Scalar Energy is

Introduction to the particular Energy that is up the basis of everything in energetic healing and indeed of the core of life itself. This healing- and life-energy has been called by many names over the centuries. But we will refer to it by its modern day technical name of Scalar Energy.

The term ‘scalar’ simply means an amount or quantity that does not possess a direction –(like mass or temperature or pressure or stathic electricity.) – All of which exist but are not going anywhere.

This is as supposed a kind of energy that is going somewhere, like the energy we feel in a flowing river or in a blowing wind or with exploding fuel driving the pistons in our car engine.

This flowing or expansion based energy is what many of us think of as being the only energy that there is.

The less obvious and less visible Scalar Energy exists everywhere as an ocean of stationnary energy like a tension in the ether that we are living within and which extends throughout all of the universe. It cannot be directly seen nor for that matter measured with conventional instruments, which is the reason why most people are not so familiar with it.

Scalar Energy is the predominant Energy in the Universe.

It is the energy of nature, of our bodies, and it’s the energy of healing.
Without becoming upclose personly familiar with Scalar Energy, I believe it is simply not possible to step into the new world where energy is tuned to interact with specific organs and with the entire body, and in so doing to cure illness and disease. …

Scalar Energy Healing from The Healing Universe Video by John Micheal Mallon, Physicist and Electronics Engineer.

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