Ein Mangel an Selbstwert führt unweigerlich zum Misserfolg.

Lesen Sie jetzt, woher

das Selbstwertgefühl kommt, und wie man einen Selbstwert-Mangel beheben kann, um im Leben erfolgreicher zu werden.
Klicken Sie einfach auf die Titelseite des Buches und beginnen Sie mit dem Gratis-Probe-Lesen. In Kapitel II erhalten Sie Anleitungen zur Erhöhung Ihres Selbstwertgefühls.

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Live your life with passion and enthusiasm!

Feel your energy as if you are on fire ...

... and suddenly, work does not appear like work,  because you are doing exactly what you enjoy to do.

Your enthusiasm and passion assist you sustain your energy and bring favorable circumstances and friends to you.
This balances out your life and makes you a much happier person.

Do not become desperate if this does not sound like you and you discover yourself having a hard time. It is never ever far too late to uncover those long-lost dreams.


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Finding Your Passion

If you discover, that you are not living the life of your dreams, ask yourself exactly what it is you like most to do. Then take a look at your oldest dreams. Dig them out and compare. Life can be amazing when you are living your dreams; however, you cannot live them till you understand exactly what they are.
Your long-lost dreams assist you in finding these things called "passions". They are what you absolutely prefer to do beyond all other things in the world.
Finding these things which you can do much more better than someone else is finding your individual purpose.

The following questions guide you to find your purpose:

  • What things do you enjoy discovering?
  • What do you enjoy to speak about?
  • What triggers your imagination?
  • Find the one thing you do that triggers you to misplace time?

Now attempt this basic exercise:

Workout for Finding Your Enthusiasm and Purpose:

  • Get a clean white paper and a pencil.
  • Picture you are sitting out in the brilliant sun, and permit the lively, yellow energy to relieve your spirit.
    Breathe that energy in and feel that peace soothing your spirit.
  • Sit silently for a couple of minutes. Trust that your intuition will direct you and opt for the very first thing that enters your mind.
  • Now ask your mind to expose your real enthusiasm and passion and document anything that enters into your mind.
    This can be words, an expression or even a picture.
  • Repeat this workout up until you compose a response that produces a strong feeling.
  • Many of all have faith that you have a extraordinairy gift to show the world.
    You can then take actions to the life that's suggested for you as soon as you figure out exactly your gift and where your enthusiasms lie.

It is essential making time for your dreams, since you never devine where they may take you.
Offer yourself a couple of hours a week to pursue your objectives and dreams and you will quickly find the
happiness of life.

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