About Aura Reading

Can We Read a Persons Aura ?

Reading a Persons "Aura" - What does that mean?

Thought and feelings of a person are written in the colors of its aura, and a skilled person can read them like studying a map.


For a better understanding let me at first describe the term "Aura" in this special context:


  • In metaphysics and parapsychology, an aura is a luminescent shining area which surrounds a living individual (animal or human), or an object, comparable to the halo or aureola you may know from religious artworks.
    The description of such an aura commonly signifies an individual of special power or even sanctity.
    Due to the statements of metaphysicians each object and living thing shows up such an aura.
    This aura is often claimed to be actually noticable, whether impulsively or along with special metaphysical techniques.
    (Such assumption goes to times related to the "third eye" in Indian spirituality.)


Different authors of anthroposophic, archeosophic and theosophic literature associate different personality types along with the different colors of the shining area surrounding them.
Like in a map a skilled person can read an other persons thought and emotions through the shiny colors of his aura.

Just Another Controversial Phenomenon?

In our trivial world the capability of watching or reading an other persons Aura is deemed as paranormal.
However, there is a huge amount of people believing in this phenomenon and even benefitting from it,
although there is no scientific evidence for the existence of Auras, and sceptics attempt to explain this
phenomenon by a certain misleading brain function which may occur due to the use of drugs or due to a migraine or an epilepsy.

However, the Aura I'm talking about has nothing to do with irritations of the nervous system, nor with any eye-diseases.
I'm talking about this controversial phenomenon that is apparently only noticeable by healthy people possessing a great sensitivity to perceive it.

Often this great sensitivity is considered as a native gift, but it also can arise by experience of life as well as it can be developped by a special training.  

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